Puf Pipe Support & Clamp
Puf pipe support & clamp are a great replacement for wooden pipe support. These are available in different sizes to support varied pipe sizes. The number of these components is determined by the length of the pipe.
Puf Slab
Buy from us durable, water resistant, fire resistant and dimensionally stable PEF slabs that create void free insulation. These slabs are used for walls and floorings, especially of refrigerated warehouse and cold store.
Puf Doors
PUF doors are sectional doors that are mainly installed at the entrance of cold room. These functional and aesthetic doors provide complete protection against rough weather. The material used are Aluminium or GI and PUF insulation.
In-Situ Foaming
Many everyday used appliances and equipment have in-situ foaming insulation. Available in different thickness, customers can select it based on the temperature range. Our company supplies foam for insulation of tanks, refrigerated vans, pipelines, vessels, etc.
Puf Pipe Section
Industries use environment friendly PU foam for making PUF pipe section. Moulds and fixtures are used along with high pressure equipment to manufacture these durable, dimensionally stable and fire resistant sections.
Polyurethane Door
An insulated door called polyurethane door has PU foam filler. This kind of door is installed in building to improve thermal and sound insulation. These doors come in both designs, push to open and sliding.

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